LVH-D Fire Door Kits

0Types Available
Product CodeStandard Kit SizesCover Grille Standard Colour
LVH-D2412600 x 300 mmSilver
LVH-D1818450 x 450 mmSilver
LVH-D2424600 x 600 mmSilver

(i) Kits supplied complete with pair of cover grilles, Lorient Intumescent Mastic, Fixings and installation instructions.
(ii) Standard sizes only apply – up to two kits may be installed per door leaf if required
(iii) Kits suits both 35 and 45 mm thick fire doors

The fire damper kit comes complete with a pair of face fixed, decorative powder coated steel cover grilles that give a neat appearance whilst also providing a degree of privacy.
Lorient LVH-D series intumescent fire dampers have been fire tested to AS1530.4 and are approved for most proprietary fire door assemblies that comply with AS/NZS1905.1.

Key Features
• Innovative slimline design
• No moving parts
• Up to 2 hours fire rating
• Fits into both Mini & Maxi fire doors
• Easily installed in new or retrofitted into existing doors
• All in one kit - complete with fixing screws, cover grilles and intumescent mastic

2 hour Fire Ratings (FRL -/120/30)
New design suits 35mm thick fire doors
Lorient LVH-D (Door Mounted) series Intumescent Fire Dampers are designed for use in fire door assemblies. The damper units are slimline and are available with an overall thickness of only 35 or 44mm allowing them to be incorporated within conventional 35 and 45 mm nominal fire door leaves.
In everyday service the damper allows a through flow of air for ventilation or equalisation of pressure on either side of the doorway. The units are robust, virtually maintenance free, will not be damaged by vibration or slamming and have no loose
parts to cause rattles when the door is opened or closed.

LVH-D Fire Door Kits(LVH-D2412)
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LVH-D Fire Door Kits(LVH-D1818)
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LVH-D Fire Door Kits(LVH-D2424)
SKU: LVH-D2424
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