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We are devoted to supplying the Air Conditioning & Ventilation industry with a complete range of components, accessories & services located in the Northern Beaches servicing all of Sydney. Service, product quality & customer support that includes special order items such as powder coating grilles to the colour of choice, custom sheet metal products and supply of complete ducted systems using Polyurethane Pre Insulated sheets.

Our range includes: BTOs, Insulated Flexible duct, Rigid Duct, Pre Insulated Ducted sheets R1.5 and R2.0, Return Air Crates, Uni Boots, Diffusers, Vent Louvre, Cushion Boxes, Thermafuser, Bar Grilles, Jet Nozzles, Heritage Grilles/outlets, Air Control Dampers, Zone Dampers and Zone Motors. Ventilation and Fresh Air systems, Heat Transfer Systems, Exhaust systems, Damp removal Systems, Copper Pipe, Pair Coil, Pipe Insulation

Delivery of products makes our clients on site work more productive. We pride ourselves on being able to offer exceptional customer service & efficient turnaround time for all your Air conditioning & Ventilation and refrigeration needs.

Attention to detail ensures our customer satisfaction

Featured products
Picture of Lay-In 4-Way Diffuser

Lay-In 4-Way Diffuser

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Picture of Bevelled Edge 3-Way Blow Diffuser(BED31818)
Picture of Non Return Damper

Non Return Damper

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Picture of TD R1.0 Pre-Insulated Duct - Box Flat Packed(TDBF1200)