3-Way V-Box

0Types Available
Product CodePerimeter RangePrice 5 mm RubberPrice 10mm Rubber / 13 mm PolyPrice 13 mm F/GPrice 25 mm F/GPrice 25 mm Perf
VB323000 - 2300
VB328202301 - 2820
VB335002821 - 3500

• To select the correct product code from the table above for a specified V/box size, you must firstly calculate the perimeter of the v/box as shown in the example above which will determine the correct perimeter range to choose from in the table above.
• If a specified box exceeds the perimeter it will be priced on application.
• If the spigot size does not fit the specified box we will automatically step the box to suit at an additional charge of $.

3-Way V-Box(VB32300)
SKU: VB32300
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3-Way V-Box(VB32820)
SKU: VB32820
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3-Way V-Box(VB33500)
SKU: VB33500
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